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Why Every Color is Green

Why is Every Color green?

Our industry leading powder coatings are VOC free, recyclable during application and have been produced as part of a sustainable manufacturing process. What’s more, our powder coatings are proven as more eco-efficient than many alternative coating products.

So why is Every Color Green?

Quite simply:

But it’s not just our products that are environmentally friendly. We are striving to constantly improve our sustainability record in every aspect of our company.

What are you saving?

By switching to a more sustainable coating option you can save natural resources, reduce CO2 emissions and of course, money.

Take all of these environmental advantages, our desire to continually improve and combine with a rainbow of colors and it’s clear with Interpon Powder Coatings, Every Color Is Green.

View our specification manual for more sustainability attributes of Interpon Powder Coatings and see the global corporations that have taken advantage of to Interpon’s green credentials including Ikea and Chrysler.