What are Green Star Credits?

It’s good to be Green

Green Star is Australia’s first comprehensive rating system for evaluating the environmental design and performance of Australian buildings.

A range of criteria including energy and water efficiency, resource conservation, indoor environment quality, land use, emission control and innovation, amongst others, are divided into credits, each of which addresses an initiative to improve environmental performance.

Points are then awarded within each of these credits for actions that demonstrate that the project has met the overall objectives of Green Star.

The Interpon D range of architectural powder coatings qualify for Green Star points in the Indoor Environment Quality (IEQ) category within the sub-sections of Office Interiors, Office Design and Office As-Built.

They attract points because they do not contain organic solvents and are significantly below the limits for Volatile Organic Compounds.

For further information about Green Star Ratings visit www.gbca.org.au and for more information about the Interpon D range of architectural powder coatings click here.