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Color Futures

Wondering where our color ranges originate from? View the AkzoNobel Colour Futures  for a look into the global architectural color trends.

AkzoNobel Colour Futures 20152015 Colour Futures

View the latest issue of AkzoNobel’s 2015 Colour Futures and the color transitions due to take place.
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Customer Publications 

Issue 16:
Let’s Get Digital
Color by numbers, upwardly mobile and painting a bigger picture
Issue 15:
Art & Design
Restoring the Rijksmuseum, photogenic food and creative cavemen
Issue 14:
Youth & Culture
Turning Japanese, the missing link and community murals
Issue 13:
Science & Invention
Dinosaurs, James Dyson and brilliant ideas
Issue 12:
Discovery & Exploration Antarctic exploration, the next China and new technology
Issue 11:
Your inner performer, gobbledygook and an interview with Sebastian Coe
 Issue 10:
Change & transformation
Plastic pollution, ace aircraft and climate crisis.
 Issue 9:
Cities & urban living
Tall towers, blue buildings and dungeons and dragons.
 Issue 8:
Leadership and inspiration
Chilean miners, rock stars and Rembrandt.
 Issue 7:
Health and well-being
The quest for the Holy Grail. Well, kind of!
 Issue 6:
An interview with Formula 1’s Lewis Hamilton
 Issue 5:
The BRIC region
The rapid rise of India and hairspray in Russia
Issue 4:
A look at the gadgetry used in the Iron Man movies
 Issue 3:
The environment
An interview with professor and TV personality Brian Cox
 Issue 2:
The outcome of a study into the use of color in contemporary architecture
 Issue 1:
New AkzoNobel
An interview with second man on the moon Buzz Aldrin


Review Magazine

AkzoNobel Review 12 AkzoNobel Review Issue 11 AkzoNobel Review Issue 10
Issue 12

Delve into the world of powder coatings and discover the latest ideas and developments to come from the world’s leading powder coating manufacturer. From powder coatings on the Olympic venues to ingenious innovations revolutionizing pipelines across the globe, and interesting new service packages to a world renowned colors experts views on the ‘in’ shades for the coming year, there is something for everyone. Read on!

Issue 11

Read how our merger with Rohm and Haas Powder Coatings was a move that could revolutionise the powder coatings industry, find out what Sustainability really means to us and see how our global reach can help you.

Issue 10

We look at how the magnificent stadiums of the FIFA 2010 World Cup in South Africa have benefited from our expertise, we delve into the fascinating world of color trends and we update you on how our employees have helped children around the world.


Global Track Records

AkzoNobel also produces a series of publications dedicated to some of the most recognizable and iconic landmark buildings around the globe. Read more…….