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Speciality Products

Every type of decorative finish comes with its flaws, such as the harsh environmental impact of chrome plating, staining caused by natural corten steel or the heat retention of dark coated surfaces.

Interpon recognises the versatility of powder coatings in mimicking the effects of popular alternative finishes. Through constant innovation we have created a range of specialty powder coatings that can be used as an often greener, more cost effective or safer alternative to other finish options.

Sablé™ CoreTen


This single coat finish mimics the textured, rustic and distinctive appearance of corten steel.

Available in D2015 Ultriva™ technology and D1000 range, Sablé™ CoreTen eliminates the disadvantages of continued weathering and unattractive staining steel is prone to and is supported by our leading warranty program.


Interpon Collection Anodic


We understand your need for greater coating flexibility and color freedom without compromise.

That’s why we have created an exclusive range of matt and metallic effect finishes designed to mimic anodising but with all the application benefits of powder coating.

Showcasing 2 distinctive ranges
From the Timeless: Interpon Collection Anodic Classic range, features soft metallic tones and has an established reputation for quality and finish performance;

To the Modern: Interpon Anodic Précis™ reflecting the evolution in architectural color and finish trends. The Anodic Précis™ range is Interpon’s next generation smooth low gloss ‘anodised look’ powder coatings.

With lasting durability and color fade resistance; ideal for both interior and exterior applications; our Collection Anodic range offer just a taste of the design and color choices available to architects, interior designers and specifiers.


EasyClean (EC) “Anti-Graffiti”


Interpon EasyClean is an exterior durable powder coating that allows for the simple and rapid removal of most forms of graffiti using common solvents without causing dullness or damage to the coating.

Available in 2 stock colors, including a clear suitable for application over polyester top coats, such as Interpon D1000.

Interpon EasyClean can also be manufactured in a wide range of custom colors.

Where can EasyClean be used?


MetaPrep Primer


MetaPrep is a powder coating barrier primer designed to give enhanced corrosion performance in aggressive environments such as high humidity and coastal areas as well as industrial areas with aggressive atmospheres and interior areas featuring swimming pools or polluted environments.

MetaPrep is suitable for overcoating with our entire range of architectural powder coatings and ensures the longevity and optimum performance of the coating.


Interpon PZ Primers


Interpon Powder Coatings has 2 PZ (Polyzinc) Primer products: 

These primers are epoxy zinc powder primers renowned for their superior corrosion protection properties. Without adequate corrosion protection, steel will corrode prematurely in harsh environments. This may result in potentially expensive maintenance costs or even complete product replacement.

Interpon PZ 790 (ALZ90F)

A premium epoxy zinc powder primer and has been confirmed as the best performing powder coating primer for corrosion protection over blasted steel. To achieve the highest standards of corrosion protection Interpon PZ 790 uses unique AkzoNobel technology to enhance its active anti-corrosion performance.

Interpon PZ 560 (BL103K)

An epoxy zinc powder primer provides superior corrosion protection of steel and is compatible with the full range of powder topcoats. Interpon PZ 560 provides excellent on-line application properties under adverse conditions and smoothness of finish. Interpon PZ 560 system can be used in a wide range of applications and has a proven track record of success.


Cool Chemistry®


Interpon understands the harsh effects of living under our sun and the energy costs that come with it. That’s why we have developed Cool Chemistry technology.

Our Interpon D1000, D1000 Excel™ and TC powder coating ranges are now available in a unique heat reflective form designed to deflect the sun’s rays, decrease temperatures and reduce energy consumption.

Interpon Cool Chemistry® is ideal for outdoor metal applications such as street furniture, bus, tram and train stop components, garage doors, balustrades, fencing, playground equipment and virtually any application where substrate temperature is a concern.


Color Vitality ‘Brights’ Range

Engineered to provide superior application performance and specifically formulated for exterior use, Interpon’s ‘Bright’ range is highly fade-resistant and is ideal for use in high UV exposure


Interpon STF (Sublimation Transfer Film)


Interpon STF powder coatings is available in interior and exterior grades. 

The process of sublimation transfer is commonly used to transform architectural aluminium components to give them the appearance of wood. Items such as windows, doors, screens, shutters, louvres and even outdoor furniture can be transformed using the sublimation process.


Interpon D1000 Textura®

The ‘fine texture’ finish and advanced powder coating technology combine to reduce packaging costs and transport damage due to marring. Available in 12 popular colours.



Interpon Hammer Mystique

Interpon Hammer Mystique

The latest distinguished pattern with metallic ‘marbling’ effect to camouflage irregularities in various substrates. Suitable for application over various metals such as steel, galvanised steel and aluminium.



Interpon Ripple

Interpon Ripples

Interpon Ripples

Interpon Ripple Powder Coatings are the ideal surface finish for high wear industrial applications. Specifically designed for thicker substrates, the new and improved technology delivers the distinctive ‘Ripple’ pattern to camouflage irregularities in various substrates.



Interpon ACE – Agricultural and Construction Equipment


With the extreme climatic differences across the world, machinery and equipment are exposed to environments with a vast range of temperatures and humidity, varying degrees of sunlight intensity and salinity. With these kinds of uncompromising forces, it is essential to have a powder coating finish that can meet rigorous performance demands under all conditions – one that you can have the confidence in to remain strong and undamaged over time.