Custom Made Colors

Unrivalled color match possibilities

We understand how important color is to you and your client, whether it’s a specific corporate color required or a unique finish to complement surrounding design features.

To meet this need we offer a leading custom color match service capable of matching virtually every color from a variety of sources and produced to meet your desired performance specification. We offer unique textured sablé finishes, gold and silver metallics, pearlescents, matt, satin and gloss finishes to enhance the near endless color possibilities.

Due to our different product technologies color approval is subjected to a technical evaluation. Contact us to discuss your custom color requirements or view the custom capability showcase for both commercial architectural products.

Ultriva Custom Colors
View the custom shades featured in the D2015 Ultriva Collection

D3020 Custom Capability
View a taste of our color capability in premium Interpon D3020

Require only a small quantity?

Occasionally the need arises for a particular color in a small batch. It could be that you want to highlight a particular design feature. It may be that you need a prototype to show your client. It could simply be that a small batch may be required for some custom built furniture or for a one-off side project in corporate colours.

MiniB & MiniB Micro

Whatever the occasion Interpon can economically meet that need, fast.

Interpon MiniB™ and Interpon MiniB™ Micro are our exclusive and unique, made-to-order small batch services available across the complete range of Interpon products.

While every effort is made to manufacture and deliver within 7 working days, actual time may vary due to demand. Contact us for expected lead times. Delivery may be longer for Western Australia.

Interpon D3020 Fluoromax Color Capability

Interpon D3020 panels are not available on request as all colors are made to order. The following colors are indicative of the types of colors available in Interpon D3020 technology. Please Contact us for more information.